walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a very short comment on Bridgegate

With a few interruptions, TRMS has been non-stop New Jersey for weeks now. Which is fine. New Jersey is pretty fun, pretty much all the time, and lately it's been exceptional. It helps a lot that I read and really enjoyed _The Jersey Sting_ not too long ago, and have a relatives (in-laws and a sister) in New Jersey and some ancestry in New Jersey that I've researched a little. This is kinda familiar stuff, and not just from watching reality TV.

Recently, however, the story has broken much more widely, leading to coverage like this:


Wildstein has Woes. The Port Authority has declined to cover his legal costs, if I have understood things correctly. He took the fifth a bunch when the New Jersey legislature asked him questions, possibly leading to some contempt issues. And he has made it _abundantly_ clear that he'll talk in exchange for immunity. So we're basically eating popcorn every evening wondering whether anyone is going to decide that he knows something worth exchanging for immunity, that they can't get on their own through subpoena'ing everyone's cell phones.

Not the cell phone data or records. _The actual phones_.

I totally love this story. It's not quite as good at the 60ish IT guy in England accused of trying to get it on with some farm animals, but it's pretty close.

This really doesn't mean anything to anyone (other than it does suggest the party's are approaching parity when it comes to oppo research between Presidential election cycles, which is a Good Thing), altho we can all take away an important lesson from this: texts are surprisingly persistent.

ETA: The SPCA developments are _much_ more fascinating, imo, than the Hoboken mayor's accusations -- but it's all good. In a very bad sort of way.
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