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Today's Activities Include: shot, but no swimming, a paragraph about snow cancels

A. had a shot today; there was one left to get for her to be legal to attend kindergarten in the fall. She still needs to have the lead blood draw; dunno how we failed to get that done already.

She declined (vehemently, at length, and in the face of attempts to negotiate around) swimming. I felt like an idiot canceling, however, the instructor was super cool about it. By the time I got A. to school for her half day, all she wanted to do was spin, which she hasn't been doing lately. I realize that a lot of you people think vaccinations are no big deal, but you'll just have to trust me when I say, wow, the interactions with R.'s and/or my genetics as manifested in the kids are real interesting.

I was pleased to note that Rachel Maddow on TRMS took the same attitude to the recent traffic snarls/tragic deaths that resulted from the recent batch of cold weather/snow/ice hitting Atlanta and environs: it was a policy failure. My sister -- who has spent most of her adult life living in the South (unlike me -- I've never lived there) and a chunk of her FB kinship network who have also lived there place a lot of the blame on parents for sending their kids to school/not picking them up earlier in the day. I think of this like getting rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light and running into the car ahead of you. Should you have had your foot on the brake? Should you have left additional space between you and the car ahead of you? Should you have hit the horn when you saw someone coming up behind you too fast? Sure! But it still isn't your fault that you got hit, nor is it your fault that as a result you hit the car ahead. Understanding local traffic patterns, school employment patterns and related issues are necessary in order to figure out when and how to adjust school schedules to avoid negative repercussions from predicted weather. _You_ may be able to drive just fine in the snow. But they can't plow it while it's gridlocked, and if you cannot correctly anticipate how everyone else is going to react, you can't even be sure _when_ to leave in time. If you skip work/school entirely, without the solid backing of cancellation or a travel ban, you might be subject to punishment, job loss, negative marks, etc. If you live such a lovely life you can be sure you will suffer no negatives, well, try to have a little compassion for everyone else. And the next time your school gets canceled, or you are told to go home early/stay home due to predicted weather that then doesn't materialize, think of the dead people on the road in the south and recognize that hard calls have to be made, and it's really a lot better to be overly cautious then leave the population at large to fend for themselves.
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