walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Ongoing tech upgrade

As part of the get-rid-of-my-CDs project, I ripped them all to a hard drive, a hard drive that I'd had for several years. The way I figured it, I didn't care what happened to the hard drive, because it was all going up to iTunes match anyway.

I probably should have just gotten rid of the hard drive.

But I didn't, and I've been irritated by the fact that it's USB 2.0, and it requires two separate connections to make it work (one for data and one for power) and and and. So I finally went shopping for a replacement. The new drive is twice the capacity, half the physical size, requires a single USB 3.0 connection for power and data. That's kinda cool. I'm currently copying the contents of the old one over to the new one. Hopefully _THEN_ I'll get rid of the old hard drive.

As long as I was at it, I figured I should replace my thumb drive. I had a 4G drive from before my daughter was born (she's 5 now). I got to wondering what was available currently, and discovered that SanDisk is now making SSDs in thumb drive format (again, USB 3.0): wicked fast, and 64 G in the same physical size as the old 4G. When I first went to work at DEC, Shoemaker was super excited to show me their really big storage thing -- size of a regular fridge, a gig of storage. Ah, 1992. I sure don't miss you.

It's weird, tho. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all this lovely, compact, fast storage. I store everything in the cloud.
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