walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I Must Be Old Or Something

I bought a bunch of music because of favorable year-end reviews. And some of that music, wow, super amazing. The lyrics on _12 Stories_. The wall of Beautiful Sound that is Rhye's _Woman_ will ensure you never laugh at the idea of Canadian/Danish Soul again.

Alas, I truly went astray with Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside's _Untamed Beast_. I don't get it. Like, at all. And the lyrics to this one really and truly sealed the deal for me:


There's probably something deep that could be said here about containing contradictions and enacting paradox and looking all Nerdly and singing about all these wonderful things you can do even tho they aren't like traditionally Nerdly. But if it was said, I didn't hear it, and I found that really kinda juvenile and disappointing.

Which means I Must Be Old Or Something.

Also, while I really liked Daft Punk's _Random Access Memories_, I am not completely convinced it's going to age all that well.
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