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A Bit More About Chromebook

So, thanks to my 8 year old autistic son's obsession with having every account I have on all of his devices, I got around to visiting Amazon Cloud Player on my Chromebook. (I've taken to telling him he's going to grow up to be a project manager. Because he has no power, except the power to nag, and yet he can get me to do all kinds of things that I just don't think are really worth bothering with. Just like a project manager In Real Life.) I cannot say I am impressed with the quality of the speakers Samsung selected to go into this $258.63 (IIRC) device, however, given that it is only $258.63 (IIRC), well, I've really got no basis for complaint. At some point, I'll bring the device and the new Sennheisers to the same place and see how they play together.

Speaking of Chromebook, I recently (probably another attack of ADHD like symptoms, altho unlike the B.O.C. attack, I failed to resist this one successfully) purchased the digital download of French levels 1-5 of Rosetta Stone. I had this crazy idea that since French is a language R. and I both kinda know, and we're planning on going to France in the next few years, maybe we could get T. and even A. to learn a bit of French also. It Would Be Cool, and there are 5 licenses on the digital download, so, cheap! Alas, only two computers, so that's a bit of a bummer and, inevitably, it didn't activate properly so then phone call. But the guy I talked to in tech support was awesome, and the version they emailed me was just fine and I now have something I can work at mindlessly for 10-30 minutes at a time.

ETA: The Sennheisers and the Chromebook play together Just Fine. So I guess that answers the what about music on the Chromebook question: buy some semi-decent headphones and Enjoy!

But I haven't figured out a way to use Rosetta on Chromebook, so that all happened over on the Mac.
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