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Daily Activites Include: OMG, the kids are both in school at the same time!!! rereading,

Between T. missing a bunch of school last week with his cold, and T.'s school having a professional day yesterday, I've sure been seeing a lot of him lately. It's almost weird being alone in the house, but it won't last -- believe me, it won't last.

It might _seem_ that I haven't been reading lately; alas, I sort of wish that were true. Instead, I have continued rereading. I ran through an insane fraction of the JAK books available in ebook form (not all), then switched over to Jeaniene Frost. I had to re-buy the first book in the series, because I originally got it in mass market (pre-kindle days! Seems such a long time ago, but isn't really); the rest I had in kindle format. I have one more in the main series and two ancillary novels to go and the last in the main series will be out later this month so that rereading binge will probably end the same way the JAK one did: read the current book and move on.

I mean to get back to the disco book, but there's a ton of music that I bought that I'm still listening to (currently: The Ultimate Blue Notes, which is Harold Melvin, the Blue Notes, Teddy Pendergrass, etc. I think it's better music than Barry White and yet I like Barry White better. I have the worst taste in music. Lately, when I play Sparkle 2, I think, "strings! Yay!").

Other than that, not a whole lot going on: just small things like wrapping up another DVC transaction, housework, arranging playdates. I did finally make it to a Dutch lesson yesterday (I brought T. with me -- that was entertaining. I did get permission from my instructor ahead of time and he was genuinely awesome about it), so that's good. Book group got rescheduled to next Monday; it's David McCullough's _The Greater Journey_, which ought to be really good. Today and tomorrow we have playdates, so here's hoping my days continue to slide by without a ton of excitement. At least we didn't get hit by the current snowstorm.
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