walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Attempting to paperless my recipes/cookbooks

I've been poking at this project for a while. I am not optimistic. Gadget blogs have a variety of Bright Young Things (men and women) who have made efforts using different programs, apps, Evernote, scanners, etc., and their descriptions Do Not Inspire Me.

Over a decade ago, I put my cookbook online -- it has been up continuously since 2002 or thereabouts (part of it was up earlier, but then Died a Horrible, Unsupported Death, only to recovered some time later through the Wayback Machine). I've gone through various waves of bring-it-up-to-date-with-current-fave-recipes, but I've also simultaneously maintained a stash of recipes I haven't tried yet but Someday Mean To. More recently, I've been taking pictures of things I cook regularly and adding the pictures to the cookbook. Most recently, I've been taking pictures of the source cookbooks (so, Beth Kidder's cookbook for Crumb Cake, Jane Zukin for Chocolate Cake, etc.) to attach to my version of the recipe, which can get pretty distant, especially baked goodies where I've swapped to other grain flours, replaced fats with oils, removed salt and reduced sodium, and sometimes wildly changed the technique. It's nice to have the source, because sometimes I want to reverse course and go back to an earlier version; I'll keep the books around forever if I can't be sure of my ability to return (altho it's nice to see there's a kindle version of Kidder!).

The good news is that I typically cook using that online cookbook now, using my iPad (or an iPad, at any rate).

So here's my question: why do people sell iPad shields? iPads clean up beautifully. What the hell kind of accidents are people having in the kitchen that they need an iPad shield for? All the gadget-y bloggers who are putting their recipes online mention them.

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