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Today's Activities Include: Filing, taxes, sick son

I was home with my son T., because he has a cold. He was sufficiently sick for most of the day to spend it in bed, but in the afternoon, he got up and displayed an interest in going to school tomorrow, so I remain optimistic that I will actually get to go to my Dutch lesson tomorrow, which I have not done for a Really Long Time (over a month. I am depressed about it). We canceled today's playdate, so the kids are entertaining themselves with a tent built between the two couches. I got to have a nice long phone call with my friend J., which was wonderful, and now I need to go try to track down the origins and/or beginning of prevalence for a religious idea that we chatted about. Also: 3D printing and stop motion -- I had no idea!

I spent the day trying to collect all the estimated tax payment information (if I were Truly Organized, I would have been documenting this as I went along, which I may have done but cannot find that document, which Just Goes to Show; I don't really think I did document it anyway). I found all but the June state payment, so I eventually called them and we discussed it and they don't have any evidence of a payment and neither do I so I'm pretty sure I just didn't make one (which isn't really a problem; sometimes I don't, if I think they already have enough for income so far, which is a little less predictable than one might think).

In the course of trying to track down the Missing Payment (which in the event doesn't even exist), I did a Lot of Filing. The good news is that some months ago when I was planning my office, I thought it would be on the third floor, and I put a huge amount of effort into reducing the filing system, and also imposed a lot of additional order on it. So it wasn't difficult to file, which is nice. The third floor has since been painted (blue), and now only has two two drawer wooden cabinets in it -- the metal one with some older files is in the unfinished space on the same floor now -- we could probably put it all in one file box and retire the metal cabinet but we're probably not emotionally ready for that decision yet (<-- you think I'm kidding).

The goal of collecting the payment information, obvs, is to make sure the 4th payment is for a reasonable amount. The state payment has been made, but I'm still debating about the size of the IRS payment. I really screwed up last year, and would like not to do that again.

I still have to go through the credit card statements to make sure there are no mysterious charges. I haven't been doing that diligently lately, but I feel like maybe I should, with all the holiday data breaches being announced.
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