walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Blogging from the Chromebook / First Review

Executive Summary: I could live with this as a primary computer. I'd probably want to set up a docking station for it (because I sure love the one I set up for my Macbook Air), but this thing will do everything I'm likely to ask it to do (that isn't the specifically Apple version of something -- so if I really did switch to the Google-verse, I'd yank everything out of iTunes Match and shove it up into my Amazon Cloud Drive, etc.). If you have kids that need computers, and a Chromebook will meet your school system's constraints, this is definitely the way to go.

[ETA: I had assumed I would be able to find a way to text edit and upload files to my website. When I researched that this afternoon, I was a little appalled at the scarcity of ways to do this. I'm currently looking at c9.io. But really, you're not actually hacking HTML or any other kind of code on your Chromebook, right? Right? Further: I'll be experimenting with Cloud9 either tonight or soon.]

I'm getting used to the screen and the keyboard is actually better than I initially thought; my issue with the keyboard can be chalked up to It's Different.

Another It's Different is that the scroll on the trackpad is the opposite direction from on Apple devices. That's kind of driving me nuts, and there will be friction switching back and forth; hopefully it will recede into my muscle memory.

I have installed the LastPass plugin on the browser. That seems to work very smoothly; it's nice that there is native support, however, it would have worked even if there wasn't a plugin.

Next up: let's see how ancestry behaves.

Continued: Very well! The trackpad issue hasn't dropped below my awareness yet, however, as I adapt to the screen, I'm pretty happy with it. Everything is small, but crisp, and I am sufficiently youthful that I can always pick up the device, park it on my, er, upper torso, and get a better look at things that way. As I age, I'll have to take my glasses off for that to continue working, and obvs this is less of an issue for more youthful users. Zoom helps, too, seems to be tab-specific, so if you zoom for an obnoxiously small font site, it won't blow up all your other tabs.

ETA: 11 Jan 2014 icloud.com means I have easy access to Notes, Contacts, etc. on the Chromebook. There are probably other ways to synchronize as well.
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