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Link Fu: 2013 was the year of 1 to 1 computing initiatives encountering trouble/Except Chromebook

This will likely be updated regularly.

[This is the one you should read, if you only read one: http://www.informationweek.com/policy/common-core-meets-aging-education-technology/]


Miami-Dade puts a program on hold, reconsiders the take-it-home/ownership model and preference for tablets. Their BYOD program continues.


Samsung says that Richland School District Two in SC has beat the timeline and been successful. With Chromebooks.


Maine HAD an Apple only 1 to 1 initiative. Not any more -- they've gone with a $250 HP laptop running Windows 8. (The Maine-gave-up-on-Apple development came up in my conversation today.) Altho the story here is a little complicated.


The numbers in this are _fascinating_, because that Macbook Air? Cheaper than it costs for normal people to buy it.

"All told, 39,457 students and teachers will get Apple's iPad tablet with an annual cost of $266 per unit, including networking, and 24,128 will get Apple's MacBook Air with a cost of $319. Only 5,474 will use the HP ProBook 4440 laptop, equipped with Windows 7, which was the least-costly option for a laptop at $286."

ETA: Christian private high school in Chicago, Wheaton Academy, uses Chromebook


LA Unified iPad initiative coverage:


There's been a lot of kicking about LA Unified's decision. I'll say this for the article: it answered the question I had about what was driving this. _COMMON CORE_! Specifically: Common Core Technology Project Plan (ETAYA: Oh, maybe not. This is a bit of a rat hole. Nope, that's definitely what is driving this bus. All states which signed onto Common Core have signed up for 1-1 computing commitments. Interesting.)

Article gets into details of item management (charging, security, distribution, etc.), which small school districts can get away with offloading onto families -- and which then leads to some obvious problems.

Politico coverage of upcoming digital testing through Common Core:


Things you might want to know about:


What is SAMR? A pretty clear answer!

You need to know that (and other things) to make sense of this:


Which is somewhat interesting.

Looks like Race to the Top grants at the Federal level are also a factor. Wow, if you search on some of these things, you find some serious Spew from people like Michelle Malkin. "Why do we need tablets for this! Pencil and Paper is Good Enough!!!"

Physics Teacher fan of Chromebook in the classroom:

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