walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Someone wanna bring me up to speed on 6th graders and 1 to 1 computing?

Here's an example definitely not local to me (involves the $250 chromebook I just bought): http://www.9news.com/news/article/340560/129/School-requires-all-6th-graders-to-buy-laptops-instead-of-supplies

I just got through listening to a highly entertaining retelling of the meeting that may have ld to this letter:


It sounds like there may have been some kind of federal incentive/mandate to get computers to all 6th graders in a form that they can bring home with them. I'm interested in (a) is that true and (b) where can I find details about the incentive/mandate and (c) how is your district/town/wtf implementing this program, particularly if the parents in that district are overall happy with the process.

Because so far, I'm looking at a whole lot of, what? How much is this going to cost? My kid will break that! Etc. Which could be bad decisions, bad process or just straight up Change Is Bad, and I have no way of distinguishing between the two currently.
Tags: our future economy today, parenting
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