walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

random short updates

For those keeping track (like, those people who will be spending one or more nights here in the near future), home improvements have happened.

(1) Air conditioning. Once we had two rooms with window AC. Now, we have whole house AC. It was installed Friday while I was gone, and broke down shortly after my return on Saturday. Yes, I realize that I can be bad juju for mechanical stuff, but it wasn't my bad. Installers had wired to ground something that should not have been wired at all, resulting in a smoked transformer on the furnace that Roland found almost immediately. It took a bit longer to find that short. Working now; we'll have the right transformer in a week or so.

(2) Water filter (you may care less about this one). We had rocks coming through from the well, clogging up the washing machine. No more -- whole house filter stops those buggers early on.
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