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Daily Activities Include: Disco! phone calls, popping bubble wrap, etc.

T. likes popping bubblewrap. Who doesn't? Of course, few of us love it as much when someone else is getting the fun of doing the popping while we have to listen to it. In any event, he is having a merry old time _jumping_ on bubble wrap. I had no idea you could get that kind of volume out of those pops.

I'm reading _Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture_. It is slow going, because I'm off to YouTube every paragraph or three to listen to music, and then off to iTunes slightly less often to buy tracks/albums. Things I have learned in the last couple days:

(1) Holy crap I love Chic. Really, words fail to convey just how perfect I find this music. I find this music amazing to the extent of buying the complete studio album collection on iTunes and _not getting tired of it_. That Nile Rodgers memoir is probably coming up after this book.

(2) The Trammps album with Disco Inferno is actually a really good album. Who knew?

(3) I actually don't like much Chaka Khan, other than some of the Rufus albums (which I already knew I liked). And I'm starting to understand some of why.

(4) Sylvia Robinson. That has to be the oddest career in music I have ever encountered.

Because I am Too Youthful (*cackle*) to have really participated in The Disco Years, but old enough to remember them sliding by (sort of), I had a very limited grasp of the timeline and essentially no real understanding of the relationship of disco to the development of identity politics. While the opening to Alice Echols' book is cringe-inducingly personal, it turns out to be a really effective opener once into the book proper, because she helps the reader find the relationship between their local/personal experience of disco and its time period to the NYC-centric cultural archetype. She does a fantastic job of exploring economic, racial, gender, and obvs orientation politics in and around disco.

I'll post a complete review when I'm done, but don't bother to wait for it. Get a copy and read it. Maybe it will help you find your favorite disco music, too! Because navigating around the stuff that's just gonna piss you off is Tricky.

ETA: Also, my Grado SR 80s are so thoroughly on their last legs I've ordered replacements. I _could_ replace a whole bunch of parts, but instead, Sennheiser HR 558's are on their way.
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