walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

second Loretta Chase novel: _Mr. Impossible_

I bought both this and _Lord of Scoundrels_ (which, appealingly, is a heroine-shoots-hero novel) used and I'm probably at this point willing to pay new prices for Chase. Chase does write some offensive stereotypes, but there's enough fun here to make me (currently) willing to overlook them. In _Mr. Impossible_, our heroine, secretly an Egyptologist, hires our hero to help her track down her brother. Everyone thinks her brother is the Egyptologist, and he's a pawn in an ongoing struggle between two European looters of Egypt. Heroine is a widow (lots of money to fund her habit). Hero is a younger son who is constantly in trouble. Antics ensue.

_Mr. Impossible_ is a middle novel in a series about a family. I'll probably pursue additional ones in this series next.

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