walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Concord has already canceled for Friday; not that we care

That was T.'s district last year.

I went out to shovel because I was going a little nuts with all the kid demands. It is very fluffy, but felt really cold. When I got back in, I realized that if the thermometer on the covered porch said 13 degrees, it probably was less than that on the driveway, away from the vents for the furnace and hot water heater.

Very fluffy. No power required; just push the shovel along.

ETA: R. is complaining that there are very cold drafts. I'm not actually noticing them. A. wants to go to Wendy's. We told her that was a bad idea. She's now listening to Monsters, Inc. soundtrack. She has headphones on, even tho it is on the Pioneer airplay speaker. I'm not even going to ask why. Probably should make her some nuggets and fries, to make up for no trip to Wendy's.

Our governor -- who is remarkably sensible, a trait I really and truly admire in public officials, sent state employees home at 3, suggested private employers do similar, and is contemplating keeping government offices closed tomorrow.


It's apparently going to be kinda cold tonight.
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