walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A phone call, a text and waiting for the third shoe to drop

The phone call was a robo call from my son's current school district: closed! tomorrow, due to weather. It will be cold and it might snow a few inches.

The text was from my son's previous school district: closed! tomorrow.

Waiting for our school district, which will tell me whether A. will be going to her half day of preschool tomorrow. R. likes to make fun of our school district's superintendent, being so hasty to close for weather. He may want to explain why he feels this way; I assume it's because he is importing standards from his childhood (back in the bad old days, when a kid falling 20-30 feet off a cliff while on a scouting hike was compatible with Having a Great Time as a Scout). But in practice, our school district's superintendent conspicuously lags neighboring districts. And, once again, later to announce.

We'll probably get that robo call around 1 a.m.

ETA: It was an email, instead; early release, which for A. on Thursday is equivalent to school cancellation.
Tags: daily activities
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