walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: NYE, playdate on NYD

R. and I went to Red Raven for New Year's Eve, well, we came home a little after 10 so who knows if that counts. But it was a lot of fun, the drinks and food were excellent. We had been there for lunch once before. While of course it was sad that the old Scupperjack's building was empty for so long, I'm sure overjoyed with what is now occupying it.

After going on a walk with my walking partner, we had a playdate. It went really well. The visiting kids now have tablets, so the tension associated with devices was completely gone. There were hide and seek games, play on the climbing stuff, play with various toys (hot wheels, puzzles, batcave playset, etc.) and general good times. I called a halt after an hour, so that impending lunch would not become problematic.

I tried reading news, ran across the DROPOUT JEEP nonsense, eye rolled (really? Because when people brought in idevices for refurb or troubleshooting, Apple wouldn't notice that they had been modified? And what about when you download a new OS? Also, wouldn't users notice they were being billed for the cellular activity associated with the device responding to requests from the signals operator? Or, if over wifi, wouldn't the user notice the network activity? Further, I cannot believe that 6 box diagram, made even more ludicrous by appearing below the made-up jargon laden paragraph above. Also, "software implant"? I know what they meant -- I just feel like I'm reading a really bad spy novel, or police procedural where they couldn't be bothered to do real research so they made up a bunch of crap), and decided to blog instead. Next up: probably resorting to more trashy fiction.
Tags: daily activities
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