walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

customer service woes

Yesterday, the cable box gave us a message saying it wasn't authorized. Our cable is paid off my credit card automatically. R. called them. They couldn't find our account. We didn't have an account number (not on cc statement, don't receive a monthly statement, don't recall if we ever received a welcome packet but if we did, we don't know where it might be). They tried to look us up by home phone, cell phones (none of which have changed since getting cable), address (obviously hasn't changed), social security number. Eventually, they claimed to find it (under my name), "sent a signal" and the box was supposed to start working in about ten minutes. It didn't. R. power cycled the box after 45 minutes. No change.

I called the second time. Couldn't find it at all this time. Not under any of the above or under R.'s name. Customer service dude tried to convince me I'd have to physically _go_ to _Pepperell_ (the nearest office, one town south in Massachusetts) to have them do some magic. What? No. Ridiculous. Can you look it up by the credit card number? Nope. Can the supervisor? Nope.

Can I talk to the supervisor? Yes, but they'll just tell you the same thing. Including, I might add, that we can't call the Pepperell office; it'll just redirect to national customer service. Okay, this is ridiculous. Can we cancel the service and have it immediately reconnected, thereby getting a tech out here to deal with it? I'll pay money -- which, I added, I shouldn't have to do because it's your problem, not ours. We haven't changed a thing. Attempt by rep to weasel that it might not be their problem, but he gave up. How about that supervisor? They'll just tell me the same thing. Fine, I'd like to hear it myself.

Supervisor is connected and rep disappears _without_ explaining any of the history which I briefly recap. Supervisor looks us up under our address. It's there, no problem. !!! All right, are you looking at an account number? Yes. Can I _have_ the account number so I don't have to go through this again? After confirming other stuff on the account, yes. All right, let's check the phone numbers. Only one, the home phone, and it was _entered incorrectly_. Had them fix that and add my cell. Checked the cable box number; it matched. No discernible reason why the previous customer service reps had so much trouble. Ah, well. Supervisor does magic. Box is supposed to work. It does not. I power cycle it. It works. Done.

Shouldn't be this hard, but at least I did not have to go down to Pepperell.
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