walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Home again, Home again, jiggety jig

We have returned from New Jersey. We had a really terrific time. I was concerned because
I wasn't able to get a hotel room with any kind of kitchen at all, this time, but willing to take the risk because this particular branch of the family is Quite Excellent at feeding us all AND there is a Whole Foods nearby. Still, Xmas Eve and Xmas means a lot of stuff closed. But it turned out just fine.

The household has a young golden M. (no longer a puppy -- that dog pulled like crazy as a puppy) that has the sweetest personality ever. T. in particular had a lot of fun playing with M. Meanwhile, A. watched her cousin J. play Minecraft (for hours, so we may have to set this up somewhere here) and also played with her cousin A. (that's confusing -- sorry!) despite a substantial age difference.

Other than the obligatory Awesome Feast-y Meals (chicken one night, stuffed pork another, and beef tenderloin the third) and of course presents, we mostly just sort of hung out. There were a few walks, and they have a hot tub. I sat around and read trashy novels in between T. interrupting me to call him or facetime him (again) on his new phone. Also, I worked a bit with my mother-in-law to help her learn how to use her new-ish devices.

On the way over, we got stuck in traffic in the GWB approach, so we took Tappan Zee back, and with my memory, we'll Never, Ever, Ever take the GW again. Because honestly, I'm at the fool me three times level, so I'm feeling like it's time to hold a grudge against that bridge.

I'm currently working on setting up the pre-emptive dual reservations for next T-weekend and Xmas 2014.
Tags: daily activities
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