walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Free Floating Anxiety

I was tempted to say panic, but really, it's not that bad. I don't think.

We've had a very nice holiday season so far. Today, A. spent the day with B., who she adores. She got to visit B.'s daughter's house and see their tree and play with their dogs. Much fun was had by all. Meanwhile, we took T. out to Johnny Rockets. He swore he didn't want to eat, yet nevertheless consumed an entire chicken nugget meal with a small sized chocolate shake and some of my fries as well. We were unable to park in the lower parking lot, so we parked in the upper lot and walked down, then got a few things at Roche Bros and CVS.

We dropped the groceries off at home, and then went out to Circle Furniture, a retail operation which was conspicuously empty. There, we took a look at their youth desk, decided it met our criteria, consulted with T. regarding color (he wanted white over natural enough to be willing to wait 6-8 weeks vs. taking one home immediately). This was all to satisfy his desire for an "office" like mine, sort of. I'd decided about a year ago that he should have a desk, but didn't feel like fighting through the transitions involved in making space for one in his room and convincing him that having a desk was a Good Thing. As it worked out, he felt like it was happening on his timeline, and thus No Problem. Woot! I'm much less excited about T.'s desire for a larger, second monitor. Yikes. T. and the rest of us have agreed that the wooden dollhouse will go to S., where she can make good use of it in her office, working with children. Which is great, because S. expressed an interest in it and I already told her she could have it, and was trying to figure out how to bring it up with T.

We were a bit late back from the furniture store, but it was okay. I opened my present from my walking partner while hanging out (we didn't walk today, because it was really kinda miserable outside, drippy and grey and cold). It was an iRoller. It works great on smudges; I wonder what it will do with some of the really sticky stuff that happens on the kids devices? Not sure I want to know.

Not sure why the anxiety. I suppose I feel weird because I think I'm basically done with all the important things, but suspect I've forgotten something (or someone) important and will only realize who or what it was after a present from them arrives and I realize I have totally failed to reciprocate. This happens every year -- except most years, I'm not as far through the process, so the anxiety has more specific known not-yet-done things to latch onto.

Happy Holidays!
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