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Happy Solstice!

For the last few years, I've been reading Wendy Pfeffer's _The Shortest Day_ to my children every winter solstice. It's a little long. It's a little serious. The kids get distracted. I just keep plugging away.

But this year, I was like, hey, you don't want to read this? Fine. I'll just stop. And then they'd settle right down and listen for a couple pages before getting restive again. Which is okay, too. They clearly wanted to hear the whole thing, and at the end, A. made a few remarks about the page with the sun and the 4 Earths that indicated she more or less is starting to grasp what this is all about. Science!

We had a good time unwrapping presents from our West Coast friends, each other, and family we will not be spending Xmas with. Because we really didn't have anything else planned for the day, we got the boxes and wrapping paper almost entirely dealt with. I even fully transitioned from my old mini to the new one that R. kindly got me. Wow, that is a meaningfully better screen. By the end of the day, T. was suggesting we take the tree down. NO! N. O. NO!

Jeez. The neighborhood would really think we were weird, if we took our tree _down_ before they even got to their holiday, properly speaking. We're supposed to be making some kind of effort to fit in, after all.

But because it got almost to 60 degrees today, it felt weirdly spring-like, even with the snow. It's not. It's going to be cold for a while. I get that.
Tags: daily activities
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