walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I swear this is the last one: 8 year old and IT

My son listened to me talking to my sister as she set up her new iPhone. I was describing settings for iCloud. So he (who shares an iCloud account with me) decided to make some changes to iCloud on his device.

Oh boy.

I rely heavily on iCloud and Notes, Contacts, etc., to figure out what to do next and then do it. Having him be able to access this stuff _and change it_ would pretty much ruin my life. What to do?

Well, of course I panicked and threatened. Then he cried and was really sad. I turned everything back to off. He misunderstood me walking over to the hall to get better network access as me trying to get away from him. Very, very sad.

I set him up (a while ago) to use his gmail account to sync contacts, notes, calendar, etc., but gmail doesn't have a "reminders" category the way iCloud does and for whatever reason he likes to use reminders and he has two devices and wants them synced. Once he conveyed this desire to me, I realized that he could use reminders through iCloud Because I Don't. Turned it on. Showed it to him. Got him to calmly agree to the idea that messing with the settings would be a really bad idea because I would get all mad again. And then he was willing to hug and kiss and make up.

An 8 year old should not have decided that he wants Reminders to stay in sync _and_ noticed that that won't happen through gmail AND realize that it could happen through iCloud. That is just _freaky_.

Kinda cool, tho.
Tags: autism
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