walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Possible rereading project

I was going through some of the parenting books that I read when T. was really small (or before he was born, in some cases). I was trying to explain how I came to think about parenting the way I do, given that I was raised really about as differently as can be imagined. Two books in particular, Greene's _The Explosive Child_ (read _before_ I had kids) and Gordon's _P.E.T._ came to mind and as I was flipping through them (not having read them since before A. was born) I was really flabbergasted about how much of their approaches I internalized. I sort of thought I'd read them and go, oooh, completely forgot about that!

But I feel like it might be worth rereading anyway, just to refresh myself in how to present these ideas to someone who does not already share them. Parents with a traditional authoritarian, behaviorist or even some positive parenting approaches, can find these ideas really, really, really weird and problematic. But Greene and Gordon have figured out ways to explain them that Get Through To People. I would be wise to better understand the rhetorical approach and adopt it.
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