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Lack of Recent Posts

I haven't been posting much recently. Partly, I've been feeling a little under the weather. I had some indigestion that I wasn't sure if I ate something that disagreed with me or what; it seems to have resolved itself. Whenever that happens, it reminds me how much anxiety can be produced by indigestion (and how anxiety can produce indigestion -- sort of a vicious cycle). R. says he had something related (right down to the massive headache) recently, altho his seems to have lasted longer than mine.

I read part of Sherman Alexie's _Blasphemy_ for book group. Sherman Alexie is a wonderful author who is compassionate and funny and conveys a strong sense of Truth even when you know he is making stuff up. I love his work and I believe it is truly important and worth the time and emotional resources, but it is some painful stuff to read. I think part of the problem is that there is no cathartic relief and no sense of redemption to Make It All Worthwhile (not that I believe in any of that, but you know what I mean). There _should not be_, given the subject matter, and he does provide humor and a wonderful humanistic and loving perspective, while being grounded and centered.

So, so, painful.

Obviously, I've been preoccupied with wrapping up (har de har har) the holiday preparations. We had a couple snow storms, so I've had a bit extra kid-duty, and we've also been spending time shoveling white stuff. Today, I took A. out on the sled, and then later A. and T. played together on the sled. This was sort of amazing, actually. I shoveled the drive while T. helped A. go up and down the hill in the yard on the purple sled. It was Beautiful. I spent a chunk of money, a lot of social interaction setting up and implementing some facilitated playdates to help my kids find pleasure in playing with each other and with other children, because this is something We Suck At. And by We I include myself. It is truly incredible to see them play together happily, resolve problems, be outside and active in 20ish degree weather and not want to go inside because they are having so much fun together without needing any mediation.

I mean, of course it fell apart because they got cold and tired, but that happens to every kid. I'm good with that. Altho wow is it a pain cleaning up 3 sets of snow gear after being out in it for a while.
Tags: autism, daily activities
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