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Daily Activities Include: Snow! Shoveling. Cancellations. Addressing envelopes

It snowed! When I woke up, I looked out the window and said, "It looks really white out there." School was not delayed. We had power. I was happy.

I was quadruple booked for the morning: I normally walk with my friend M. at 10 a.m., also the cleaner comes on Monday mornings, and this Monday I was supposed to have tea with the mother of one of T.'s classmates. Also, a painter was supposed to come over. I moved the walk to 2 p.m. (at which point it became a hang-out-indoors instead, because that stuff was nasty slippery on the road and the sidewalks were not plowed) and everyone but the cleaner cancelled.

So instead, I worked on addressing envelopes for our Very First photo holiday card. I'm debating the merits of including a holiday letter. I am leaning towards not including a holiday letter. I also found some photo mailers and put together the smaller mailer of a half dozen prints of the kids which goes to family and a few friends who are kind enough to pretend that sort of thing is exciting to them.

Wow that was a lot of addresses to look up, correct and write down.

I did get down to the basement to spend a half hour on the recumbent stationary bicycle, and I shoveled the driveway and a large section of sidewalk. I think that amounted to more than the walk I skipped, so I'm going to feel virtuous. Also, tired.

Hopefully, I'll get to the post office tomorrow, altho I'm not sure. Sort of depends on the weather.
Tags: daily activities
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