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Daily Activities Include: horse, holiday shopping, blogging

The holiday shopping, in particular, has been interesting this year. I'm a lot more orderly about my note-taking and tracking where in the process the various efforts to identify and acquire and deliver gifts are. GTD for the win!

But wow, I know way more about mechanical gaming keyboards now than I ever intended to find out. I'm half tempted to buy myself a mechanical keyboard, now that I have all this Expert Knowledge, but honestly, I'm pretty happy with the Logitech Easy Switch, and I game on mobile devices, not at the docking station so not really any point. I suppose I could change that, but if I find myself with a ton of time to devote to screen-based-activities, I'll probably go do genealogy instead.

Wow am I middle aged and female.

T. is enjoying his new phone. Altho it was really weird realizing that in a house with two really big TVs, a young boy who could choose between either TV, a tablet or a laptop instead decided to watch Monsters University on his phone. Probably Because He Can. He spent a large chunk of our day identifying people to add to his contacts list and then find pictures to attach to their contacts entry. I feel like this is a Really Good Sign in terms of maintaining strong emotional connections, altho it is a little odd. Of course he wanted to call our phones every few minutes, too. I started rationing that at every 15 minutes, despite unlimited talk time on the shared plan, because wow will that drive me crazy fast.

He also wanted to change his own picture several times today, which just goes to show that wanting to take endless selfies is a truly universal human activity.
Tags: autism, daily activities
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