walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

More _Crimes Against Nature_

I've finished it, and I'll note that I have the paperback, which includes an afterword for that edition.

Great summary of the evils of the current administration told in a bipartisan way. I realize that's implausible, but it's true. The wikipedia article on the author makes for some fascinating reading. As near as I can tell, the judge who sentenced him to community service for the heroin possession charge saved his life and recreated him as the progressive activist he is today. Altho possibly having children helped with that, too. Hard to say. Interesting guy, either way. He's a big chunk of the resistance to the Cape wind project. Don't use this book as a sole source for anything. Think of it as a hit list, a source for additional research.

If you want my copy, drop me a line and I'll mail it to you. If I don't hear from anyone in the next few days, I'll be putting it up on TitleTrader.

A bit more about nukes. It tells you a lot about censorship at the big media outlets that ABC News would do a huge thing on Loose Nukes -- and limit themselves (as near as I can tell) to outside-the-US and college campuses. As if there are no nuclear power plants in the US not on college campuses. Heh.

Oh, and the reactor in the US that had the second worst accident has reopened after extensive work was done on it.


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