walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Complaining about _Dogfight_

I'm halfway through it, and the author is pretty committed to the idea that iOS vs. Droid is a platform war, and that Jobs is all lined up to lose the second of these in his life.

"The number of people worldwide switching from cell phones to smartphones in the coming years was going to be so enormous that he [Rubin then at Google] just needed to focus on that group -- not necessarily on iPhone customers -- to get a dominant smartphone market share. It seemed unfathomable that Jobs would lose two battles the same way a generation apart."

I recognize that Google/Android/Rubin has had a high degree of commitment to the handsets-sold metric right from the beginning. But I also know that I've seen a whole lot of people buy Droid phones, tablets, etc. including things like the Fire. And a non-trivial number of those people bought a later device over on the iOS side of things, when they realized that they were really frustrated by all the apps that weren't available on Droid (yet) -- or not on their device, anyway.


I don't expect things to stay this way forever, and it's just possible that someday, iOS will be a has been, backwater app universe and smartphone choice. But it's almost 2014, and iOS owners are still spending a lot more money buying apps, and within apps, than Droid owners. Which presumably counts for _something_.
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