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_Now You Die_, Roxane St Claire SPOILERS

I had some problems with this book. But first: SPOILERS!!!! Run away in fear! Bye! Especially if you haven't read two books prior to this, because everything about this book is a spoiler for stuff in previous books.

The biggest, most difficult to ignore problem was a technical error that was pervasive throughout the book. Spessard Higgie and his wife Marilee are important characters: Jack and the Bullet Catchers know that Higgie is the father of the triplets, and believe that he is also the person engaging in violence and murder to make sure no one ever figures that out. I was predicting that someone named "Higgins" would turn out to be the father of the triplets and/or general bad guy, based on the two tattoos that had appeared on the necks of the two woman who had been found. Altho I also recognized that Higgins, while probable, would be a little weird, since it is seven letters long, and so far each girl had two characters on her tattoo. "Higgie" was an ingenious solution and Spessard Higgie a wonderfully ridiculous Southern name (there was a Florida Governor named Spessard Holland). So it was incredibly annoying that something like a third to half the times that Marilee or Spessard's last name is mentioned, it appears as "Higgins" and the rest of the time as "Higgie". Sometimes both appear in the same paragraph. Gaaaah! I did report it to Amazon through the link towards the bottom of the detail page for that purpose; hopefully they will fix it so if you decide to read the book it won't drive you nuts, too.

There was less banter and humor in this than in the two books immediately before this one in the Bullet Catchers series. The hero, Jack, and heroine, Lucy, have more shared history, and they both have the usual intimacy/trust issues only much worse. It's just really kind of boring listening to them be unpleasant to each other. I had a lot more fun reading Fletch and Miranda, and Wade and Vanessa spar.

Vanessa's bone marrow cures her mom of leukemia, which is nice. There's a really ridiculous subplot involving Spessard, a blowjob, the woman sex worker who delivers the blowjob snarking at Marilee, and then going to the police to accuse the Higgies of setting the fire in the Carpenter's apartment -- and inevitably being murdered, but then smearing Higgie in blood at the scene, which is promptly erased. I mean, wow, that's just a ridiculous subplot, but as bad as all that is, the interaction between Jack and various bystanders is _so badly written_ that it makes the rest of it seem really quite fine by comparison.

I will probably take a break on St. Claire again for another few years. I also seem to be mostly over the cold or whatever it was that had me so ground down I had no energy for anything other than trashy novels.
Tags: book review, romantic suspense
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