walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Then You Hide_, Roxane St. Clair

Hedge fund VP Vanessa Porter is one of Miranda Lang's sisters. Wade Cordell, who had a bit part in the previous book, goes down to the Caribbean to convince her to come up to South Carolina and donate blood marrow. She's a tough sell, because she, in turn, is looking for her former co-worker who went on vacation and disappeared. They wander Nevis, arguing, and having a variety of unpleasant encounters with trucks that try to drive them off the road, people who yell at them or shoot at them, and so forth. Vanessa's friend is a gay man, but St Clair keeps the walk-into-a-gay-bar-antics-ensue to a minimum, altho the resolution of the story line is awfully melodramatic.

Vanessa's adoptive parents were an implausible mess. Why would they have resorted to an illegal adoption, if 10 years later it was still possible for her mother to get pregnant? They should have been able to swing a legal adoption, if she was 35 or younger. Very confusing. The story with Miranda's parents was more coherent, however, both back stories seem designed to provide the women with psychological issues that were clearly a result of "nurture" rather than "nature".

I did laugh a bunch at the description of breaking into Palm Grove Villas at the Four Seasons Nevis. Then I spent way too much time looking at pictures of Caribbean resorts with similar kinds of housing, and then contemplating a romantic suspense novel with a chase scene on the monorail at Disney World. *snicker* Books do weird things to my head.

In the larger arc, more deaths are attributed to the Big Bad Guy in the Background, and a lot is made of the tattoos on the back of the babies necks. With "66" and "hi" or "14" as the first two found (and the other triplet dead a couple months ago), I'm betting something like "Higgins" for our Big Bad guy.
Tags: book review, romantic suspense

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