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_Cast in Sorrow_, Michelle Sagara SPOILERS

I _think_ this is book 8 in the Chronicles of Elantra.

Kaylin Neya finally makes it to the West March to participate in the Regalia. She is accompanied by some people familiar from the very beginning of the series, and others who were picked up along the way. (And of course many of her friends are still back home in Elantra, only present in the memories of those on the quest/journey/wtf.) We get more of Teela's backstory in this entry than ever before, and, as always, Kaylin and her marks save/repair/rescue people/institutions/artifacts that have been damaged for centuries. All by doing slightly mystical things that she finds extremely confusing.

The familiar/glass dragon/wtf is pretty awesome. I was worried that Sagara was going to have it stay big, but no, we get to keep the pet-sized version around for future trouble. Very exciting!

I will continue to read the series. Oh, and Nightshade gets a brother back! Whoa! Weird. Brother is also very disapproving of Nightshade. I'm not very impressed by the development of Why Immortals Think Love is a Weakness theme. Maybe Kaylin will Fix that in the future, too. (No, I don't think she will.)

Kind of weird that there was really only one bad guy, really, in the Lost Children. Also, the way the whole Iberrienne storyline was tied up was a little unexpected. Severn is really shaping up as a Power in his own right, particularly with his blade chain thingie all fixed up (not just having it back fixed, but _how_ he got it back, and what people thought of that). Oh, and new Enemy! I bet Avonelle causes more problems for Teela, Kaylin and the whole gang.
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