walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

counting? nah....

Back at the beginning of April, visitors heard Teddy counting at the top of the slide. This is because his grandma said, "One, Two, Three, Wheee!" whenever he went down the slide when she visited a month or so earlier. They weren't entirely certain what they were hearing, so they asked, which is how I found out other people recognized what he was saying. He doesn't always get the numbers in the right order. I assumed it was a bunch of nonsense syllables to him.

But lately, since he doesn't emit recognizable sentences otherwise, I've been wondering if, "One, Two, Three, Wheee" counts as a multi-word sentence. Because he's absolutely obsessed with counting books (Boynton's _Hippo's Go Berserk!_, _The Very Hungry Caterpillar_ by Carle, etc.), I've also started wondering if he has some idea about what's involved in counting. I've also been bribing him to tolerate being dressed and undressed by singing button, button, button, who's got the button, Teddy's got, 1, 2, ... n buttons on his shirt today.

So today, by way of experiment, I started pointing at some smiley faces I'd drawn for him with crayon (we'd earlier been finding out whether he could recognize a representation as a face as having identifiable body parts and point to them correctly -- he can) and counting them. He then pointed and counted them back at me.

I can't say it's definitive, but it is suggestive.

He'll also match the race car to the race track on the three color race track toy. And he'll repeat back color words when pointing to a crayon swath of color. Again, not reliably, and not definitive (could just be echo-ing). But suggestive.

He took one of the disposable sippy cups and up ended it and sprinkled water on the carpet in the living room. I righted it and asked him not to do that. He ran off to the bathroom and got a towel and started patting at the wet carpet. Then he went back to the bathroom. I thought he wanted to put the towel away, which rack is still a little too high to reach. But no, he was standing at the sink. He's seen me dampen a towel and use it to spot-clean the carpet. Apparently that's what he wanted to do. R. and I just looked at each other and I asked him if we really saw that happen.

On Friday, K., who is at least a year older than Teddy, told Teddy (whose diaper R. was changing at the table in the library. Naughty R.!) that she didn't wear diapers any more. Apparently Teddy took this to heart. Today he removed his diaper, sat on the potty, picked up a book and started reading. The silence in the bathroom made me nervous, so I went to investigate. I was pleased at what I saw, so I took the book (_Hippos_, see above) and read it to him a few times. He started peeing. Wow. Still going through a lot of diapers, but that is incredibly encouraging.
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