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Today's Activities Include: a Powerbook G4

My friend Rorschach told me when I was pregnant with T. that one of the things I should buy was a laptop. I didn't act as promptly on this wise advice as I should have, so I didn't buy my third computer and first laptop until early 2006 (just barely missing the opportunity to start with the Intel Macbooks).

I loved it. I had owned two Macs previously. I bought the first one when I retired (I had always mooched computing before that, because I _knew_ how hard it was to get rid of computer equipment once you owned it, and I didn't want a bunch of doorstops dogging me), and the second one when the first one developed Issues. The first one was refurbed and sent off to my then-boyfriend's mother. The second one was the iMac that I spent a bunch of time on earlier this year getting all the remaining data off of and then bringing to Best Buy to recycle.

The laptop developed some Issues in 2009, and was replaced with the laptop that I recently replaced with a Macbook Air. That second laptop was sold to PowerOn for a $400 gift certificate, which was a significant motivator. Not only _not_ a doorstop: I got money for it! The motivation (other than the money to spend at the Apple Store) was additional AirPlay features, lighter, etc.

The summary of all this is that I only had one doorstop computer left: a 2006 Powerbook that I didn't need the data off (that migrated to the 2009 laptop and then to the Macbook Air -- I had, in fact, learned something from the abandoned iMac fiasco), but didn't want to dispose of without formatting. I knew where the laptop was (I'd seen it often enough on shelving in the unfinished attic space, while looking for other things like kindle fire boxes); I didn't know how to securely erase it. Also, there was some question about whether it would power up and boot.

It _does_ power up and boot (but boy you cannot unplug the power) and connect to the wireless network, so that's all fantastic. Way better than the situation with the iMac (lesson learned: the longer you let this stuff go, the harder it is to deal with). I realized this would work best if I found the install disk, so I then had to track down the shipping box. That took a while, but I found it, and it contained the install disk! And the drive works, so it'll boot from the install disk. Miracles!

But I'm too chicken to actually pull the trigger on this, so I'm going to wait until R. gets home for consultation. If we need to re-install the OS after zeroing out the disk, I probably shouldn't try to do this while T. is circling me and repeating everything I say, because the way I stay on task when doing something like this is by talking to myself - and having that repeated back at an unpredictable interval is _really distracting_.

The power cords for the laptop were in a media box, along with some other odds and ends. T. and I poked around in the box and found a dead Palm smartphone, a Treo PDA, and various cords, docks, etc. Also the box for a network card and documentation for a Samsung flip phone. I extracted the Palm and Treo stuff and stuck them in a bag; I'm going to see if I can recycle those at Staples, along with an old iPod and the laptop. Otherwise, it's a trip to Burlington or the Ham to go to Best Buy.
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