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Daily Activities Include: dentist, groceries, rotating video

Lately, T. has been wanting me to take video (using the iPhone) of him doing stuff. This started when he saw some video R. took of A., continued through Wednesday's swimming lesson and included this morning's trip to the dentist. It's wonderful, in that he suddenly is _excited_ to do things that would normally take a lot of negotiation and possibly some bribery to get him to do. It is less wonderful, in that I'm having to figure out ways to upload the video and make it available to him on his computer, without necessarily opening it up to the whole world. This is tricky, because nobody wants to give a kid his age an account, so the usual sharing options on google drive don't work.

Worse, the video I took at the dentist I took landscape, and when I uploaded them to google drive, they were portrait. Not Cool. There is no obvious way to rotate the video on google drive (if you know of one, please tell me how). Fortunately, you can do it in QuickTime, so I downloaded it from google drive to my laptop, rotated it (slow! But that makes sense -- it may have to do it frame by frame), and uploaded it back to google drive where it had to be reprocessed.

But hey, every day I seem to learn new things. I'm not sure if this will keep me young, or age me prematurely. Only time will tell?

In unrelated news, T. wanted to go to the store to get cooking class supplies (chocolate pudding pie, duh -- that's all _he_ ever wants to make). He wanted to take the trike, so we did. We even did the conversion to use it as a shopping cart upon arrival, and then converted it back to trike mode to ride home. It all went off without a hitch; we didn't even run into anyone. Yay!

When we got back, R. was making cookies. Yum, but the kitchen was fully occupied, which sets me off when I need to unload groceries, and I was also over an hour late on eating lunch so I was the one with the temper tantrum. T. kept asking if I was mad or happy. I kept telling him I was mad until I wasn't, and could honestly tell him I was happy (the burritos turned out well, and cookies!). It was actually kind of nice that he cared and kept checking in with me.

Less good: he turned the knob on one of the burners when I wasn't paying attention and I didn't notice for a while. :( We have removed the knobs and had a conversation about We Could Die. Not sure he understands dying (other than in an iOS game context), but he does seem to get that is undesirable.
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