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Catalog Choice features

As part of the ongoing and somewhat massive decluttering/redorating/home organization/time management wtfery, I signed up for Catalog Choice a while back. It was really helpful in reducing the incoming volume of catalogs. They have an App that lets you take a picture of the address section and they'll do the rest. It forced me to hang onto each catalog for just a tiny bit longer, but the results were worth it.

One catalog was persistently Not Going Away. I submitted three or four stop requests, and then I ignored them for a few months, and then I took a good look at what my choices were on Catalog Choice. I noticed that Catalog Choice would file a complaint with the FTC for me. Well, what do you know about that.

So I submitted another opt-out and a complaint that the previous opt-outs were being ignored. And that got a reply from the source. Here's hoping it translates into meaningful action. I had a ton of trouble with this company last Xmas, when I ordered a gift card to be mailed to a friend and it was stolen from their mailbox. I reported it immediately, and got months of run-around. I got so frustrated by how long the process was taking, that I complained over at PayPal, and they failed to respond to _PayPal_, so I got my money back that way -- and then they finally did produce a replacement card for my friend. (Happy Holidays -- in March.) So I don't have great associations with this company, despite the fact that things were Eventually Made Right.

I know why they stay in business. I'm _very_ clear on why they stay in business. But it's still annoying, and they won't be getting any more of mine. I am extremely happy about Catalog Choice, tho.
Tags: decluttering
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