walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Pie, groceries, T. home still

T.'s school had a professional day, so he's still home.

I made an apple pie, because there are a ridiculous number of apples in the house, mostly as a result of A. going apple picking with school and then yesterday with B. You put bags of apples in front of me and it will occur to me that it is time for Pie.

Apple pie Apple pie Apple pie

There were problems. First, I cut up too many apples. I always do this. So enough for a second pie went into a gallon freezer bag. We'll see what happens with that; I've never tried to bake anything from frozen apple slices. Could be totally disgusting. Second, I completely forgot sugar and cinnamon. So the ingredients list was: spectrum shortening, whole wheat flour, water and apples. I did not forget the salt, so much as intentionally left it out. But the cinnamon and sugar was an error. Confronted with a pie that was a little on the bland side, I thought about making up some sauce, decided it was too much effort, got out the cinnamon sugar and sprinkled it over the crust. Perfectly acceptable -- fake ice cream would have been good, too, but I only had chocolate.

I should make pie more often. Altho that wouldn't be good for my arteries, presumably.
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