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Today's Activities Include: horse, playdate, videos, tripod ...

Both kids had horse riding lessons today, but in between we had a playdate. T. went to the horse after the playdate, and while they had a good time playing, it was a little stressful. When we got there, he wanted me to video the paddock portion of his lesson, the way R. had video'd A. last week, when T.'s lesson was canceled due to weather.

This provided the motivation for me to start uploading stuff to vimeo, figure out how to password protect videos, etc. I'm in the process of getting the horse videos up first (and am a little concerned because one of the videos is over 10 minutes long and seems reluctant to upload and I'm not sure where the problem might be). But I also have some short video from this morning when I was making an omelette and trying to get some video for the cookbook. I am not at all happy about what I produced (partly due to a very distracting interruption when T. wanted to set the timer and he inevitably burned himself reaching over the pans -- I am completely over trying to explain to him that he _will_ burn himself doing this, and told him go ahead, R. will take you to the hospital when you get an owie from burning your arm. In the event, he was burned, but not badly -- enough to learn to be a lot more careful, without even a blister, so basically the perfect outcome), and I'm even less happy about trying to make an omelette one-handed while holding an iPhone with the other.

So I've ordered a gorillapod, and am contemplating instrumenting the kitchen, because if I'm gonna do this, there's nothing really stopping me from getting 3 or 4 or even a half dozen inexpensive wifi-cams, hooking them up around the kitchen, and collecting the video that way. (Wow. That was a lot of effort to go to find an excuse to buy Dropcams.)

ETA: Some of the upload reluctance appears to be an HD issue: Vimeo decided that the short things I'd already uploaded had used up my HD for the month (this is fair; I am not paying them anything, so I am not complaining). Then I realized that I had no ability to get the source back from Vimeo unless I start paying them, and I thought, what the heck did I do with all those old videos? Oh, yeah. Google drive. So off to figure out how to upload the videos to google drive instead. I probably should make up my mind soon which is going to be the storage location and commit to it, but they each have their problems and I am vacillating.
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