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Today's Activities Include: puttering, Costco, bicycling

T. was driving R. nuts today, so A. and R. went to Costco. While they were gone, T. and I went for a ride around the block, then we rode over to Harryhousen's (Julie's Place IRL) for lunch. After that, we went to the bank to deposit a check and replenish my supply of Folding Green Stuff. From there, we returned home, altho we later did a little more riding around the neighborhood.

After we finished our errands, T. and I did some puttering. We vacuumed the interstitial space, which was painted yesterday, and I put a picture back up on the wall, lowered the deck of the treadmill. T. and I got it plugged in and he used it briefly (very slowly).

What it looked like before we moved in, back in the spring of 2009:


After I took one of the bookcases out (I blogged about this):

Interstitial space post case, pre desk Interstitial space post case, pre desk

And now that it has been painted. The decluttering is dishonest. The weights are in one of the side closets but will almost certainly come back out, and the carpets haven't been put back down again, but will.

Interstitial space Interstitial space

We flipped the direction of the treadmill, so you can now watch the TV in the bedroom through the doorway. The pictures are lined up to compare correctly, it's just a little confusing.

The color is Benjamin Moore Aura Eggshell "Hawthorn Yellow", same as in T.'s room.
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