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Today's Activities Include: swimming, cooking and cookbooking

A. had her swimming lesson this morning. Her instructor had her try flippers. That was really fun; I should see if I can get a pair, or two maybe one for each kid.

Both kids made it to their lessons this week, on their half days. This may have been a first; they keep wanting to cancel, and when they are really sick, there's not a lot of choice. There have been a bunch of Saturday make-ups, which is fine, but the idea was to not have them getting too used to spending their half day glued to a screen.

After I dropped A. off at school -- wearing the donkey paper ears and donkey plastic mouth/teeth from her Wendy's kids' meal -- I stopped at the hardware store to get paint for the next room to be painted. It's not a new color; I'm using the Hawthorn Yellow that we used in T.'s room, for the interstitial space that is evolving into an office.

I've been poking more at my online cookbook. This has had some really great side effects on what I've been eating. I realized that my crepes weren't in my cookbook, so I cooked those so I could take a picture for the page I created, and along the way used up the last of the strawberries in the freezer. I finally made a version of chicken cashew nut that had almost all of the relevant ingredients in it (I forgot the cilantro. Oh well.). As I've been updating pictures with pages, it occurred to me I could do a little more cooking ahead, so I made cole slaw with the napa cabbage I bought a few days ago, and cooked the mushrooms. After the first batch of mushrooms, I thought, hey, I should just put all the odds and ends of tomatoes in from this week's BLTs (I got Niman Ranch bacon again) and make marinara sauce. As I have been using up things I've cooked before as leftovers, I now have more things to choose from over the next few days; the time I have to cook is often not right before the time I want to eat, so this is a lot better for me.

Today I decided to track down the HTML tag to put a little icon up in the browser tab. I found it, and then I made a couple of icons: one with my initials for the top level pages (and perhaps as a default for other pages), and one with a knife, fork and spoon for the cookbook. In purple, of course. ;-) [ETA: I made a book icon for the book reviews section; who knows when that will get propagated throughout. I have no mortal clue what to use for repro or the advice book.]

I think yesterday was when I created the Set over at Flickr to organize the cookbook photos.
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