walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

my back hurts

No child care today, because, well, because she canceled. Long and involved story over the last few weeks as she's been trying to get a different car because her current car needs a lot of work she can't afford. But because she doesn't show much income, cannot qualify for a loan on her own, so part of the time sink is tracking down someone to cosign. I did NOT offer. The first person was denied because while she had good credit, she hadn't made regular payments in a looooonngg time (in assisted living, which gives you an idea). The second person, dunno what happened. The third person still waiting on. But because the old car isn't working, no child care until the new car happens.

Sounds like she's buying a new Ford Focus, which does not, actually, sound like a bad idea.

We couldn't spend much time outside because the blackflies are swaming (they _know_ when it's the first week of May. I swear. I thought we'd dodged them this year, but nooooooo. Yech. Even Teddy hates them). I attempted to entertain the kid by cleaning the kitchen floor, which allowed him to pour small amounts of soapy water from a cup out onto the floor, something I normally would not allow him to do. Also, we vacuumed, which that wacky kid thinks is The Most Exciting Thing Ever.

Which is why my back hurts.
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