walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Ars Technica coverage of the Dread Pirate Roberts arrest

You've probably already read it, but if you haven't, or you saw someone else's shorter coverage, the Ars article is great. And it has pictures (looking dorky, shirtless at his 21st bday party, with ridiculous facial hair: Just Another Geek Boy exploring White Male Privilege, basically)!


I think my favorite line is on page 2: ""I'm pissed I had to kill him... but what's done is done," Roberts replied. "I just can't believe he was so stupid... I just wish more people had some integrity.""

Honestly, _cannot_ stop giggling. Because it shows _so much integrity_ to first fetishize an end of violence and coercion, and then as soon as someone commits a minor property crime, pay to have him tortured and killed (not really, but DPR _thought_ he had).

It's like a bildungsroman for this generation's version of the people I used to read on the cypherpunks list, Back In the Day.
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