walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: lunch, groceries, cooking, more photos added to cookbook

Today, T. and I went to Julie's Place for lunch. After a brief stop at home, we headed out to the horse, but we had only gotten a block when we got the cancellation call. So off to go grocery shopping.

I made black bean sloppy joes for dinner, using the black beans I had cooked the previous day. I even remembered to take pictures to include in my online cookbook. It occurs to me that I probably should be tagging in flickr all the photos I'm using in my cookbook. Hmmmm.


We have assembled a bin/stack of stuff to go to the sports consignment place; I'm going to try to get there on Wednesday.

While I was puttering with the cookbook, I went looking over on YouTube for a good, _short_ clip about how to make an omelette. I watched a half dozen videos (and before you ask, yes, I watched the Julia Child one. Which I've seen approximately a dozen times. At least). And I have to say I am not overjoyed by any of them. Since I'm actually using my vimeo account, perhaps I'll do a little experimenting.
Tags: daily activities
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