walkitout (walkitout) wrote,


I finished _Basbanes_ which was good, altho not as good as the trilogy (but really, that would be expecting a lot).

I did indeed get distracted by _A Fate Worse Than Dragons_ by John Moore on Friday. It was good, as good as his previous work, imo. Particularly that bit towards the end where our heroine shoves a sword up the gryphon's butt. Heh.

I have taken several minutes this last week to start rearranging books on shelves, which is something I haven't done since we got them onto the shelves (that fraction which is not still in boxes, at any rate. Between not having enough shelves AND only being able to use the top half of any given bookcase, a lot of my books are in boxes). I'm attempting to at least get the subcollections (parenting, politics, languages) more or less, er, collected.
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