walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

T. Is Helpful

T. has always been Helpful. Sometimes perhaps a little _more_ helpful than one had in mind, especially if he's decided it's time to pack up the van and leave on vacation _NOW_. That can get a lot interesting.

But last night, I thought I'd get him involved in picking through a bunch of the toys littering the dining table. I figured we could reduce it back to the single bin in the middle, type of thing. This is what happened:

Clear table

We got the two boxes emptied and put in the recycling, a bunch of toys went Away (as I have noted before, I do not believe in Donating fast food kids' meal toys), and then T. decided the bin that normally sits in the middle of table as an attempt to corral the clutter should itself be put away on a shelf in the playroom. After crumb and stickiness removal, we decided to add a couple placemats.

I did have extra coffee yesterday. That may have been a factor.

ETA: I feel like I should invite people over. It's _never_ this nice looking around here.
Tags: decluttering
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