walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

FedEx version of the UPS vacation option


I haven't gotten around to setting it up yet -- this rolled out in April and I'd been meaning to go looking for it since I found the UPS version a month or so ago quite by accident. Maybe this afternoon.

If you use USPS vacation hold, and have ever wished you could do the same thing with commercial package delivery, check these out.

ETA: I set up an account with FedEx, and then noticed that both FedEx and UPS have mobile apps. Connecting FedEx was straightforward, but apparently I used FB to login over on UPS, so that took a minute to figure out because it didn't Just Work at first -- but the second time it did. *shrug* Given the trouble I had earlier today with iMessage, I'm just going to blame Change.

On the whole, I'm impressed and pleased with the granularity of control each service is giving on notification of packages and then managing where/how they get delivered. Online commerce can only benefit from this, as people who don't want stuff just left at the door now have some say about where it goes and when.
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