walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Week of Cancel

On Monday, T. stayed home from school. He had no voice. On Tuesday, he went to school, but my Dutch lesson was canceled. On Wednesday, he stayed home from school -- and we canceled his swimming lesson. A.'s Thursday a.m. swimming lesson was reschedule to Saturday. On Thursday, T. came home early. On Friday, both kids were in school, but T. had the runs so he did not go to his rescheduled swimming lesson on Saturday. I was supposed to go walking with a friend on Friday, but she also had the runs (haven't seen her in months -- totally unconnected incidents), and so she canceled. On Sunday, we were supposed to have a facilitated playdate, with A., T., another A., and S., the facilitator. S. canceled due to illness, we didn't hear from A. or his mother until they arrived, right on time. That turned out fine -- the kids had fun doing whatever they wanted to do.

It has been the Week of Cancel. In theory, I'm going walking tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, and having company in the evening. I can't tell if Murphy (of Murphy's Law) will find it more entertaining for everyone to show up -- or no one. We shall find out.
Tags: daily activities

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