walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: books, bikes, trains, lunch and couch

I finished packing up a box of books to go to my sister and her kids, and T. and I took them over to the post office. After we dropped them off, he asked to go make the trains go at the model train shop. It was open, so that was fun. We didn't ride our bikes there, because the box of books is a little heavy for the bikes, but we did ride bikes around the block before and after, and to lunch at Julie's Place. We got there early enough to catch the tail end of the brunch crowd so it was busy.

While we were there, I missed a call that turned out to be someone interested in the loveseat we will be moving along, so that was exciting.

Less exciting is the ongoing frustration that is my Townie. Recently, the fender broke off while I was out, temporarily stranding me (with assistance, we figured out a way to stabilize the fender until I got home at which point R. removed it). Then the front tire was flat. R. re-inflated it, but I didn't try to ride it at that point -- I just left on the Bianchi. By the time I did try to ride it again (a weekish later), it was flat again. R. re-inflated it after checking for a leak and failing to find it. I then tried it out a few hours later, at which point the rear tire was low -- and the left brake lever was non-functional, and pretty obviously somewhat messed up.

Not sure what's going on here. I'd just as soon avoid buying another bike until next spring.
Tags: daily activities

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