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Today's Activities Include: 2 kids at school, lunch at Karma, Starbucks, Circle Furniture

Both kids were at school for full days today. The last time that happened was Tuesday. T. was home Monday and Wednesday. A. had afternoon half day on Thursday and T. came home early. But both of them were in school for full days today, so I got a walk with M., lunch with R. at Karma (excellent! Nice place, great lunch specials, decent cold sake), followed by coffee at Starbucks. At Starbucks I was the Jack Johnson CD that I had already downloaded -- and the Janelle Monae CD that I only had one track from and didn't know was out yet! Obvs only got the coffee, but downloaded Electric Lady when I got home and asked R. if he had an opinion of the new album from Kings of Leon (hey, I'm old. I don't have to have good OR consistent taste).

Then we went to Circle Furniture, where we ordered the left arm version of the Astoria chaise from American Leather: http://www.americanleather.com/Sectionals/All/Astoria.aspx

This is complex, because it is replacing a somewhat smaller loveseat, so it isn't a drop-in replacement. We will be Rearranging Furniture. The current plan is to move the loveseat along to HGRM along with a bookcase (I know, shocking: not just emptying a book case and moving it elsewhere in the house and putting toys on it, but actually retiring it from our household). It's not like I've never done this, because as I've moved, I've adjusted height/width of book cases by replacing them. But this would be a net decrease, which is sort of amazing (not to you -- if you don't have a book addiction problem). The couch should then fit along the wall next to the piano, but it'll be kind of tight, so we'll probably start actively working on the piano upgrade project. We have a used upright, and we want a used spinet; the current piano is End of Life for reasons having to do with non-repairability of this particular technology (R. can explain it; I can half visualize it, which isn't enough to generate an explanation).
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