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Today's Activities Include: T. home sick, CRT TV and Playstation 2 with accessories Gone!

My last CRT never made it out of Seattle (at least not with me). The Trinitron suffered from some color problems and I replaced it was an early non-plasma flatscreen (at the moment, I could not tell you if it was LED or LCD). That one suffered from black smoke while in New Hampshire; upon our return to Seattle, we had it repaired, but it, too, eventually died and was replaced with our current hardware.

This CRT was R.'s. When I arrived with my flatscreen, it moved up to the master bedroom. When we got a small flatscreen, it wound up in the basement viewable from the treadmill. When we moved here, it wound up in the basement but was never actually hooked up. And there it has sat for 4.5 years, until I located a cart, got it out of the basement and into the trunk of my car, and then brought it (along with the substantially lighter moving box containing a playstation 2 and accessories -- unused since some time in 2008, IIRC and interpreted the writing on the box right) to Best Buy in Burlington, where they kindly relieved us of these excess and obsolete electronics without asking us to pay for the privilege.

This is a big improvement over the alternatives. The town transfer station wants $30 for me to visit (they'll sell me an annual sticker for even more, but I don't ever go), and $25 for the TV. Apparently, I will drive to Best Buy in Burlington to avoid paying $55 to the town transfer station. I find these little Real Life Economic Data Points fascinating. It's probably a character flaw.

It might have been possible to recycle a CRT through Waste Management, but I couldn't find any evidence of it and didn't feel like making a phone call.

I think I'm currently paying the sitter .50/mile, and the IRS reimbursement rate for charitable activities is .14 -- for business it is .56. The round trip distance from here to Best Buy is about 35 miles, so I probably did not expend more money by driving than I avoided having to pay by going the larger distance. Round trip to the transfer station is around 4 miles.
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