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Purple Bags on a Biner

Here are the Purple Bags:


After getting annoyed -- again -- at the paper towel re-users, I stopped and thought for a few minutes. I try to avoid doing this, because it really brings out the worst in me. But sometimes, I just have to.

We do sometimes come home with plastic bags. It is Unfortunate. Sometimes we didn't realize we would be going shopping. Sometimes, takeout was involved. Obviously, we do what everyone else does and use them to line small waste-baskets, mostly in bathrooms.

We store them in these:

Plastic bag reuse

One upstairs, one down.

For context:

Plastic bag reuse

It's a short trip from the dispenser to the bin.

But if you are anything like us, then plastic bags come in far faster than the trash goes out. So we had to reduce the incoming flow of plastic bags by bringing our own bags to the market. I tried a lot of different strategies. Mostly, the bags stayed at home, or in the trunk of my car.

Then I got these (first an earlier round of two pink bags; this is my second set, of four because that's about what I'll usually wind up needing). They self-stuff (I showed one open, three closed, two attached to a regular biner, one closed and loose). They have mini biners that are too small to attach to anything useful and too fiddly to loop together. So they all live on a regular biner.

The regular biner lives by the door to the garage, with the keys (this is an older photo, from July when I was walking around the house taking pictures of organizational Things):


From there, it can be hooked to a handbag handle, dumped into a tote, looped onto a belt or belt loop, whatever. It usually makes it to the store with me.

You have to wash reusable bags or they get stinky. Sometimes I leave the biners on, but usually I take them off when I put them in the wash, because that's how the pink bags lost their biners (I think). I let them air dry, rather than put them in the dryer. They are nylon, or something similar.

They are purple, because Purple is My Favorite Color, and has become a theme. If it's purple, it must belong to me -- no confusion, minimal risk of "theft" by others in the household (the kids borrow them to play store sometimes, but I generally corral them by the end of the day).

This strategy evolved over time. It's extremely difficult to get rid of plastic bags, so if you are trying to do so, don't be hard on yourself. Those suckers are sneaky. But this is part of my Religion of Stuff that I retain a lot of faith in.
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